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Storm of Magic: The Monsters

Games Workshop have posted previews and discussion of the four monsters that will be released with the Storm of Magic expansion. From their website:
Any monster can be summoned to the battlefield to fight for your army using a Scroll of Binding, which is essentially a magical pact between a wizard and a monster. Occasionally, the monster will be cheerful and receptive to an invitation to join an army - Giants are a good example of this. On the other hand, monsters like the Manticore need to be magically bound to the army, where they will angrily thrash about until they realise that there's an enemy to chew on nearby and get to work. Whatever relationship the monster has with its summoner, the Scroll of Binding always has the same effect - to bind the monster of your choice to your army for the duration of the battle (unless it is unbound or bludgeoned to death). When we got our hands on the Storm of Magic book towards the end of last week, we also managed to get hold of a few of the new kits that are being released, including the Black Dragon, the Manticore, the Chimera and the Cockatrice. Upon returning to the office, there was literally no end of volunteers to build the new kits for us (I say volunteers, we were practically mugged). Here's how everyone got on, plus a few pictures of the shiny Studio miniatures (because we've only just started ours - give us a bit of time to get them painted):