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Storm of Magic terrain preview

Games Workshop have posted an article looking at the various terrain sets they will be releasing for the Warhammer Storm of Magic expansion. From their website:
We have four fantastic new pieces of scenery to represent the Arcane Fulcrums, which come in two different sets: Magewrath Throne with Balewind Vortex and Eternity Stair with Dreadfire Portal. For convenience I've stuck them in here for those of you who haven't ordered yours yet. If you place your order by Sunday 3rd July, and you choose to have it delivered to your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre, then we guarantee that it will be there for you to pick up on Saturday 9th July - the launch day. If you choose to have it delivered to another address (like a nearby wizard's tower, for example) and you place your order by Wednesday 6th July, then we will ship it out on Friday 8th July. Orders placed after the 6th July will ship out on Monday 11th July.