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Storm of Magic book details

Games Workshop have posted details of the contents for the Storm of Magic rulebook. From their website:
This weekend just gone, we announced the release of Storm of Magic, the new expansion for Warhammer. Many of you, enticed by promises of magical power and huge monsters with very large teeth, went straight to the advance order section and ordered everything you could get your hands on. As a result, the Vortex Templates have already sold out in the US and Europe, though there are still a few left in Australia. On a similar note, the Magic Cards are literally flying off the shelves (must be all that magic we put in them), so you will have to be super-quick if you still want to order them, whatever country you're in. If you don't manage to order them on time, then never fear, as we will have a limited stock in each of our Hobby Centres on the 9th July, though you'll have to make sure you're there, licking the windows with anticipation first thing in the morning to get your paws on them.