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Stonemaier Games Taking Pre-Orders For Tuscany Essentials Edition

While I am a teetotaler, I can certainly appreciate how others might enjoy a fine glass of really good wine. Granted, the fact that I don't drink certainly doesn't keep me enjoying games like Viticulture. I just won't be doing it while also sipping on some wine (as I've seen many people do). Well, for those of you that enjoy the game, you can now get in a pre-order for the Tuscany Essentials edition of the Tuscany expansion for the game.

So, what comes in this version? You get the extended board and 36 wooden stars. There's also 6 structure mats as well as 36 structure cards. After that, you also get the 11 special worker cards and 2 special worker meeples per player (along with 2 generic). Those that pre-order also get 9 special promo cards (these will also be available through the BGG store).

The pre-order window is short. Just from now until the 19th. So you'd better hurry.