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Stonemaier Games' Charterstone Charity Bundle Auction Happening Now

Gaming is great.
Helping others is great.
Gaming while helping others is the greatest.
That being said, Stonemaier Games is once again participating in a charity auction. In this instance, you can get an early-release version of Charterstone (including signed versions), as well as other cool goodies. But you'd better hurry, since the auction only runs until Sunday.

From the announcement:

Here's how it works:

This Geeklist features 10 separate auctions. Each auction is attributed to an amazing blog, podcast, or video channel and their charity of choice.

The auctions will begin on Wednesday, November 1 and will end on Sunday, November 5 at 2:00 pm CST. Payments will be submitted to us through the BGG marketplace (PayPal) after the auctions close, and the games will be shipped within a few days.

--Bidding starts at $1. Bids must increase in increments of at least $1 USD. To discourage final-hour sniping, in the final hour of the auction, bids must increase in increments of at least $25.
--Each auction will have 1 winner. Thus there will be 10 winners.
--The content creator whose auction garners the most thumbs will also receive an early copy of Charterstone. So you can support your favorite media creator(s) without even bidding!
--200% of all winning bids (minus BGG processing fees) will go to the charities selected by these media creators. That is, we will match each winning bid (up to $500) for the charitable donation.

The winning bidder of each auction will receive:

--1 early, signed copy of Charterstone
--1 copy the Charterstone recharge pack
--1 set of custom Charterstone meeples from Meeplesource
--1 set of realistic resource tokens for Charterstone from Top Shelf Gamer
--Free shipping anywhere in the world from St. Louis