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Stonehaven Miniatures running Half-Orc Adventurers Kickstarter

Stonehaven Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to make some Half-Orc Adventurers, along with other various miniatures.
They're already well above their funding goal, so go check 'em out.



From the campaign:

Half-orcs are incredibly fun to play. They're tougher than your average PC and anytime you do something brash, impulsive, ill-timed, rude, and/or unnecessarily violent you can just claim that you're acting "in character" and all is forgiven! You can finally bring the more brutal part of your personality to the gaming table without any shame!

The miniatures will be cast in 100% lead-free pewter (Old school!) and the Half-orcs will measure approximately 32mm to the eyes.

We also have a lot of awesome non-half-orc characters to be added. As you can see, we've already got a Tengu and a Hobgoblin added to the line up, and we have plans to do a lot more as the Kickstarter progresses.

Be sure to check back regularly as we develop more Half-orcs, Half-Dragons, Tengu, Hobgoblins, Gremlins, cats, and mystical objects.

The half-orcs will be as tall or taller than the elves, and much bulkier!