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Stonehaven Kickstarter - Dwarven Adventurers

Stonehaven Miniatures has a box set of Dwarven Adventurers that they're looking to get funding for over on Kickstarter. Well... they've already got the minimum funding (and then some) and are looking to break through some more stretch goals.

From the campaign:

The Dwarven Adventurers Box Set Project is about creating miniatures to represent a set of 7 dwarven heroes. The Group will include a paladin, a berserker, a cleric, a mage, a rogue, a mechanist, and a necromancer.The goal here is simple: get the 7 miniatures sculpted, cast, and distributed to all of you! Depending on the level of funding that the project reaches, the miniatures will either be cast in a durable urethane resin or white pewter metal. The Dwarves will represent a relatively balanced adventuring party and or a selection of dwarven heroes to lead in any fantasy army.

The Dwarves will be sculpted on a 28 millimeter heroic scale and will fit well with almost all tabletop wargaming and RPG miniatures.

The project has already met all of it's Stretch and Epic goals and is now into Mega goal territory.