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StonedMonkeys Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I don't drink and the only drugs I've ever had are over-the-counter medications for cough, cold, or flu. So the only way I partake in such activities is via games that might include such in them. There's a new one up on Kickstarter called StonedMonkey. They're looking for munchies... and funding.

In the game, players draw from a deck of cards hoping to not get the Blackout card. If you draw that, then you have to play a Munchies card in order to stave off ending face-down on the floor. However, someone's still gotta blackout, so put the card back into the deck and keep going. The game continues until there's only one monkey left.
There's the original version, as well as the "Obscene deck" version available as part of the campaign. If you're up to adding more cards to the deck, there's also a Drinking Game expansion.

The campaign is set to run for another 31 days.