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Stone Blade Entertainment’s New Game Bad Beets Announced

Stone Blade Entertainment’s New Game Bad Beets Announced

Today at the GAMA Trade Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Stone Blade Entertainment announced Bad Beets, its first physical release since the successful Ascension deck-building franchiseWhereas Ascension was very much targeted toward the established gamer, Bad Beets takes the approach of being a casual, family game designed for anyone and everyone to have fun with. Gateway games seem to be a popular trend among companies as of late (for good reason), and Stone Blade seems to have recognized the benefit of having an easy to access game for anyone to try.

Stone Blade describes the game as a “fast-paced bluffing card game where players must eat their vegetables.” Players must do whatever it takes to dispose of all the terrible tasting beets in their hands, of which they start with eight. Maybe they’ll pass them to other players or feed them to the non-discriminating dog, or if a player can’t get away with getting rid of them, they might just have to eat the beets.

Bad Beets is set for release in the Summer of 2015 at a retail price of $14.99. Stay tuned for more information from GAMA 2015.

From the press release:

Stone Blade Entertainment Announces Bad Beets, a Fast-Paced New Card Game

San Diego – March 18, 2015 – Stone Blade Entertainment today announced the upcoming release of Bad Beets, the company’s first physical game release since the award winning Ascension deck-building game. Bad Beets will be available for purchase online and at participating retailers for $14.99, beginning in Summer 2015.

Bad Beets is a fast-paced bluffing card game where players must eat their vegetables.  Designed for gamers ages eight and up, Bad Beets can be played by the entire family. Each player starts the game with eight Beet cards that they must finish before they can leave the dinner table and just like most childhood memories of a side of vegetables, these Beets are Bad.

“Stone Blade Entertainment’s goal with Bad Beets was to make a fun, fast-paced casual game that anyone can enjoy,” said Justin Gary, founder and CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment. “We’re really proud of this game and hope to create a memorable gameplay experience for all.”

Bad Beets is a race for players to get rid of their Beets in any way they can, whether by Feeding the Dog, Sharing with another player or even actually Eating them. Players can try to get rid of their Beets however they want, but if another player calls them out, they can only dispose of their Beets if they have the right card in their hand.

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About Stone Blade Entertainment:

Founded by gaming industry veterans in 2010, Stone Blade Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of original board and card games.  Formerly known as Gary Games, Stone Blade Entertainment’s products include the SolForge Digital Collectible Game and the award-winning Ascension deckbuilding game, which has been turned into a top selling iOS and Android app.  For more information, visit