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Stone Blade Entertainment Launches Fourth Ascension Expansion

Stone Blade Entertainment has released their latest expansion for the Ascension deck-building game (personally, one of my top 3 favorite games right now).

From the announcement:

Stone Blade Entertainment, the gaming company behind popular board game and iOS game, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and upcoming Digital Collectable Game (DCG), SolForge, today announces the fifth release in the Ascension franchise, Ascension: Rise of Vigil.

Playable as a standalone one to four player game, Ascension: Rise of Vigil can also be combined with other Ascension games to explore the world of Vigil with up to six players.
“We’re thrilled to be releasing the fifth edition into the Ascension world and are very humbled about how well Ascension has been received since its launch at Gen Con in 2010,” said Stone Blade Entertainment founder and CEO, Justin Gary.

Stone Blade Entertainment’s newest expansion, Ascension: Rise of Vigil, features an entirely new resource called Energy. Unlike the other resources in Ascension, Runes and Power, Energy is not spent to acquire or defeat cards. Instead, select cards have Energize abilities that turn on when the player reaches a certain Energy threshold. In addition, Ascension: Rise of Vigil also introduces Treasure cards, which provide free bonuses to players when they acquire or defeat cards in the center row.