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Stone Blade Entertainment Holiday Sales Happening Now

Yesterday I went over to my friend Gene's place. I've known him for quite a long time. My ex and his wife used to work together. Now Gene and I are in the same D&D group. When we're not pretending we're dwarves or half-orcs, we also enjoy playing Ascension. And, in fact, yesterday we played many hands. Several were won/lost by only a single point. Anyway, Stone Blade Entertainment is having a sale on not just Ascension, but also their other games this weekend.

Sale items include: Ascension sets at 50% off. Then, Bad Beets is available for only $10. Finally, for you digital-gamer types, all items over on SolForge are 50% off (except for gold).
These deals won't last forever. That's why I went ahead and ordered some more Ascension for myself just now.

Ascension site.
SolForge site.
Bad Beets site.