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Stoelzel's Structures releases Wild West: The Fatal Frontier terrain pdfs

Stoelzel's Structures gives you more terrain options for your western-themed games with the release of their Wild West: The Fatal Frontier terrain line pdfs.


From the release:

Stoelzel's Structures is proud to release another project in our line of printable foamcore mountable terrain.
"If a young man is about to commence in the world ... we say to him publicly and privately, go to the West. There, your capacities are sure to be appreciated and your industry and energy rewarded."
- Horace Greeley

The American west, the fatal frontier. Head to the Mississippi and keep going. A period of lawlessness and vigilante justice filled with the undelivered promise of prosperity. Nothing romantic here, just hard working families who managed to avoid dying of dysentery, displaced individuals looking for a fresh start, and veterans of the war looking to forget whichever side of the war they fought for.

Stoelzel’s Structures is proud to announce their newest product, a collection of buildings inspired by the wild west. In this set you will find 14 different building ranging from the small quaint shack house suitable for only one lone prospector and his dog up to the large two story, fourteen room hotel which serves well as the center of a western town. In this set: 2 Hotels, Saloon, Multipurpose two story shop, a multipurpose single floor shop, Church, Jail, 2 Ranch houses, shanty, 2 Barns, Stables, and Windmill. That’s just a little of a buck a piece for each building, quite the steal

Signs are included to customize each of these buildings into wide range of businesses, such as a bank, barber, undertaker, etc. In addition, each building with the exception of the large hotel, comes with four different texture options for both the exterior and interior. Oh yeah, we said interior, take yer games inside the house.

As with all Stoelzel’s Structures units, our projects are designed to be build upon a foamcore frame for added durability. Our units also come fully furnished with over 50 pages of additional elements to add all sorts of beds, dressers, desks, tables, chairs, counters, barrels, crates, gallows, business signs, wanted posters, outhouses, pianos and weather vanes to dress up yer town. We even threw in two vehicles; a Stage coach and Wagon, along with the horses to pull them (just don’t examine the teeth too closely).

"There is no law, no restraint in this seething cauldron of vice and depravity.”
– The New York Tribune, 1878