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Stoelzel's Structures releases Modular Urban Center Kit 2: Raising the Roof

Stoezel's Structures has their next Modular Urban Center kit available: Raising the Roof.
Ow! Ow! *dances*

From the release:

The urban center has been growing and growing, and with develop-able real estate growing short, developers have but one option: build higher. This first expansion to our popular Modular Urban Construction Kit (M.U.C.K.) brings an explosion of new construction offerings to your city. M.U.C.K. 2 takes your buildings up a level, and focuses on raising the roof, and decorating that roof line.

For those new to Stoelzel's Structures, our products are designed to be built upon a skeleton of 5mm-thick foamcore, and are always designed with accessing and gaming in the interior of our buildings.

This kit includes nine different building styles, with four to five brick color options for each. Each four-floor wall option comes in three widths (4.5", 6" and 8"), allowing for variations in building dimensions (4.5" x 6", 6" X 6", 4.5" X 8" and 6" x 8").

Build your modular urban units in one of three styles. The three-quarter building is built leaving the back of the building off, and is perfect for buildings lying on the edge of your gaming table. You may wish to build the lift-out building, where the second, third, and fourth floors are removable from the top. Or lastly, you may wish to build the sliced building, where each floor is a separate element that is stacked upon each other, and may be un-stacked to game inside. Instructions are provided for each.

We also include a number of decorations and furniture items for cardstock construction which will help customize your buildings. This set includes cornice options to trim the roofline, sloped rooftops, rooftop stairwell access points, fire escapes, billboards, business signs, clock faces, satellite dishes, antenna setups, flag posts, and rooftop ventilation units which come in a number of size and color options. Blank walls and loose windows and doors are provided to allow you to design your own wall arrangements. Stairs, columns, the wealth of floor options, and blank interior walls are available for you make interior layouts as you wish. In total, over 90 pages of props and decorations are provided to outfit your buildings.