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Stoelzel's Structures releases Modular Shopping Mall

Stoelzel's Structures gives your little mans a place to do their shopping with the release of their new modular shopping mall terrain piece.

From the release:

The Urban Blight Developers company has been pestering the local permit office for years for permission to bring an enclosed shopping mall to our quiet community. After several costly advertising campaigns to convince the locals, and a flagrant misuse of eminent domain laws, the UBD has finally succeeded in bringing the first stage of construction to near completion. The Stoelzel’s Structures modular mall is unveiling dozens of new shops for you to find all that crap you didn’t know really needed until now.

The modular mall is designed to be constructed out of 5 mm foamcore for durability and general heft of the model.

The Stoelzel’s Structures modular mall is designed so that you can build functional units of thirty by thirty inches to represent one floor, and one corridor of your mall. Build multiple units and ether string them side by side for a long complex floorplan, or stack them up for vertical gaming in a multi-story mall. In this first product to our developing modular mall line-up you will three different corridor options, with a straight corridor, a three way intersection and a four way intersection. Each of these also comes in a ground floor, and an upper floor version. And we don’t stop there, we also provide both a clean newly constructed mall, and littered floor options perfect for representing your typical post zombie apocalypse rioting.

A props and decorations book with over 100 pages of elements is included for customizing your own shopping experience. We include elevators, escalators, railings, over 60 signs, benches, garbage cans, video games, floral and water display areas, rest areas, play areas, custom shop fronts, clothes racks, product shelves, and much, much more.