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Stoelzel's Structures releases Historic District: Undeveloped Real Estate

Stoelzel's Structures has some new paper terrain available for you. This set's the Historic District: Undeveloped Real Estate.

From the release:

“Hittin’ the olde streets of olde towne”

Stoelzel’s Structures is expanding its range of urban ground tiles with this trip into the streets of our Historic District. Inside you will find over 420 ground tiles which can be printed and assembled to represent some of the older sections of Olde Towne or a more ritzy-modern day gaming environment.

In this set you will find three different cobblestone road textures: a natural round cobblestone, a chiseled square cobblestone laid in a staggered pattern, and a chiseled cobblestone laid out in a scalloped pattern. We also include two different sidewalk options: stone slab, and brick herringbone patterned sidewalks. Each of these is combined for six distinctive looking ground tile types. Streets come in a standard width consistent with the double lane streets found in our Undeveloped Real Estate Package, as well as thinner half width roads which better capture the charm and frustration of the outdated road sections of Olde Towne, constructed in times before automotive traffic. Many tiles come in a clean and dirty version, with leaf litter, and Olde Towne postings strewn across the open streets

This set includes the necessary transition tiles to link this set with our existing undeveloped Real Estate package, pay on the edge of Olde Towne, and bring your battles into the heart of our MUCKey city.

A props package is included in this set, like all Stoelzel’s Structures products which includes the pieces to help raise your sidewalks up off of the ground tile for a 3D feel, and several street vendor to help decorate your streets.