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Stoelzel's Structures releases Historic District: Carriage House

Stoelzel's Structures has some more paper terrain pieces available now.

From the release:

From the edge of the historic district of Olde Towne, on the roads leading the outlaying rural communities, is the old carriage house, or coaching inn. In earlier times, it was here that visitors to the city would rest their houses, and store their tack and wagons. This rustic, and simple stone house may seem out of place when compared to the giant sprawling mega structures of the modern day city, but is quite spacious having both vehicle storage and stables on the ground floor, plus lodging facilities in the upper floor.

As with all Stoelzel’s Structures products, this unit comes furnished, but also comes with a series of 19th century vehicles, and miniature horses ready for you to print, fold and use. The vehicles included in this set include a Hansom cab, a Brougham, a funeral wagon, a private omnibus, a charobanc, a couple police wagons, a stagecoach, and a couple vendor carts. Horses come in five poses, with four color options each, and a number of optional tack outfitting options.