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Stoelzel's Structures releases Haunted Home: Scott Manor pdf

Stoelzel's Structures has released their new Haunted Home: Scott Manor pdf for you to be able to download and use in your gaming sessions.

From the release:

Horror house, the haunted hallows, murder mansion are but a few monikers given to the less than stately Scott Manor. This home, which has been left un-sold, and vacant of living inhabitants for some two decades, was the site of a series of gruesome homicides, or was it tragic accidents…. … no one quite remembers at this point anymore. But the stories stuck just the same, and grew, and took on a life all of their own.

Local folklore holds that Scott Manor houses many restless, and long tortured spirits. The last family to own the house were a newlywed couple who had dreamed of leaving the city and of relocating to such a peaceful and tranquil rural environment. Not long after moving in, the man had to travel back to their old city for a couple of days to handle the final closing of their old apartment. When he returned, he found his wife, trembling, naked, and curled into a fetal position, gently rocking back and forth, silently. She never spoke of what had caused such fright. When the husband was called out of town again, he was hesitant, but required by work to go. But when he returned home, he didn’t find his wife as he had found her on his last trip, nor did he find her as he left her, he did not find her at all. No signs of struggle, no note, no packed bags or removed belongings, simply gone. The investigating police tried to convince the man that she probably just left to avoid a difficult divorce, but this, nor his friends console were enough assuage the man’s pain. Within three months, the man ended his pain.

A creaking and moaning of settling house under duress can be heard on even the stillest of winds, and yet, behind that sound is nothing, silence, no birds, no frogs, no crickets, none of the sounds of life one would expect to hear in the backwoods. Animals that are observed in the area are noticeably startled, and exhibit all sorts of strange behaviors often leading to concerns of rabies, however, no such cases have ever been found locally.

It is of note that cats, dogs, and teenage children seem to go missing from the area with alarming frequency. People who find themselves walking near the edge of the property at night report feeling a tingling on their skin, almost electric, yet cold. Stories tell of the fraternity pledges from the local community college, who just a few years back, had been sent, as a hazing prank, to spend the night alone in the house, and how, even now, have yet to regain their power of speech.

Scott Manor is a three floor build including a ground floor and second floor each with seven rooms, and an attic space with several attached rooms. All interior space in this house is accessible for game play by removing upper floors. As one would expect in an old spooky mansion, this home comes complete with three secret passageways connect rooms in unexpected ways, each of these accessible by hidden sliding doorways. A number of other haunted elements are also included such as our reversible paintings which can change the feeling of a room with a simple slip of cardstock.