Stoelzel’s Structures releases Fields of Red terrain mats

Stoelzel’s Structures has released Fields of Red, their new gaming fields terrain mats. Game on!

Fields of Red


From the release:

“The fields flow with the blood of lesser players”

Stoelzel’s Structures is expanding its series of undeveloped lots with this sports themed package. A number of sports venues are provided for your entertainment, as the backdrop of military skirmish, a zombie uprising, or simply to play out the sports generally played on such fields. In side this package we provided you with a modern American football field, a Soccer field, two variant fields suitable for playing fantasy football games, a baseball field, a tennis court, and plenty of open field tiles to expand around your gaming area.

Come on down and show your support for the Hoboken Horrors as they trounce the visiting Ravenswell Rotters back into their graves.