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Stoelzel's Structures releases Coreville Train Set terrain pdf

Stoelzel's Structures released a new terrain pdf to help enhance your gaming experience. This one's the Coreville Train Set.

From the release:

Welcome to the Coreville train depot, on the seedier edge of the industrial side of town, and home of the old pick up station. It is a modestly sized train station, servicing only a couple of rails. Please be courteous of other rail passengers about while lifting or removing luggage. If you have a late departure, I wouldn’t recommend staying by the rails unescorted.

The Coreville Train set comes with the small train station mentioned above, plus a train engine with color options, Passenger Cars, and Freight Cars each with a least ten color/texture options. Plus, like all Stoelzel’s Structures, our buildings, and in this case vehicles are fully textured on the inside, and designed for interior accessibility for game play, and as always, our units come fully furnished.