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Stoelzel's Structures releases Brummie's Burgers paper terrain

Stoelzel's Structures gives your little mans a place to stop and have some lunch with their new Brummie's Burgers terrain piece.

From the release:

A word of thanks to all of our forum members for participating in the name your franchise sweepstakes, and congratulations to Vampifan for submitting the name of this particular burger joint.

“You are what you eat”

Welcome to Brummie’s Burgers, founded by Mr. S.M. Quinton and his step brother Bryan during the great meat famine of 1975. Brummie's began as little more than a couple students collecting scraps from the local butcher and selling dirt cheap lumps of meat to their college friends. By the 90s, Brummie's had spread to 50 shops across England, and opened up their first international location in Springfield Massachusetts.

Today, Brummies is known to have the best burgers this side of Birmingham, and is home of the original widow maker burger, the only burger to have, not one, but two full pound patties, sandwiched between three layers of our world famous cheese stuffed fried dough, and dripping from our tangy secret sauce. The widow maker burger will surely leave your loved ones to mourn, but the nitrates and other preservatives are guaranteed to leave your body in a state of near mummification. A steady diet of Brummie's Burgers is the best step a prepper could undertake to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, because you will have the nicest looking reanimated corpse around.

Like all Stoelzel’s Structures, this unit comes with full access to the interior in mind, and is provided fully furnished. Four different color schemes and optional roof designs are provided for further customization. This unit comes with ground tiles to assemble a surrounding parking lot that is compatible with our existing ground tile series.

Width: 11.5 inches Depth: 12 Inches Height: 5