Stoelzel’s Structures releases Bakers, Home of a great detective

Stoelzel’s Structures has released Bakers, a new terrain pdf to beautify your tabletop.



From the release:

Welcome to Bakers, the street level old world shop located in the warm heart of our community. This three floor building was constructed in 1887 and has a beautiful historic charm about it. The commercial section of this building is perfect for any kind of small shop ranging from bakeries, cafés, delis, comic book stores to taxidermy shops. A small storage area is provided behind the shop for your inventory.

And then there is the residential portion of the building. Above our shop is flat for rent, run by Eunice Bishop, the most adoring, and attentive little old lady. Recently, the for rent sign has gone up, but beware. Because of some unruly tenant in the past, Eunice has a number of rules which prospect new tenants need be aware of:

1) I am to be referred to and treated as a Landlady, NOT a housekeeper.
2) No music practice after hours.
3) No shooting off firearms in the house.
4) No malodorous scientific experiments.
5) No body parts, human or otherwise, to be kept in the refrigerator.
6) Must appreciate a good and proper Scottish breakfast.

Well, the real contract has grown some thirty five pages containing various stipulations and fine print, but who can really blame her. Her former tenant was, without question, the worst tenant in the whole of the city.

Our projects are designed to be constructed on 5 mm thick foamcore, for added heft and durability. As with all Stoelzel’s Structures, this project comes fully furnished and move in ready. Building comes in two variant designs, one with the interior accessible for each floor, and one with the exterior walls in one piece for a simpler build suitable for filling the table with many of these side by side. Alternate fronts and business signs provided.