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Stoelzel's Structures Modular Urban Construction Kit 3 After the bomb

Stoelzel's Structures brings a new terrain kit to your tabletop with their Modular Urban Construction Kit 3: After The Bomb. The creation of this set is to coincide with the upcoming Super-hero Dinosaur Zombie Apoclypse (S.D.Z.A.) by Nexus miniatures ... and I think my mind just broke from the name of that game...
Uh... yeah... where was I?
Oh yeah, terrain. Anyway, you can use it for S.D.Z.A. or it can work for any post-apocalytpic setting and it fits with Stoelzel's other Urban Construction line.
The terrain consists of over 500 pages with over 100 accessories. A table full of terrain for $12 isn't so bad.


From the website:

This set was designed for use with the upcoming game Super-hero Dinosaur Zombie Apoclypse (S.D.Z.A.) by Nexus miniatures, or can be used to represent any post apocalyptic or nightmarific dystopian urban setting. Here, we continue to expand our modular urban center building kit by providing a series of ruined and destroyed buildings, and the props and ground tiles to match. Our sets such as this one are designed to provide the builder with incredible flexibility and give them the ability to build a very diverse gaming table with just this one project, or mix with the other M.U.C.K. projects for a mixture of better maintained buildings, and more decoration.

For those new to Stoelzel’s Structures, our products are designed to be built upon a skeleton of five millimeter thick foamcore, and are always designed with accessing and gaming in the interior of our buildings. Build your modular urban units in one of three designs. The three quarter building is built leaving the back of the building off and is perfect for buildings lying on the edge of your gaming table. You may wish to build the lift out building, where the second, third, and fourth floors are removable from the top. Or lastly, you may wish to build the sliced building, where each floor is a separate element that is stacked upon each other, and may be un-stacked to game inside. Instructions are provided for each from the images provided in this product.

We also include a number of decorations and furniture items for cardstock construction which will help customize your buildings. This set includes Cornice options to trim the roofline, Sloped rooftops, rooftop stairwell access points, Fire escapes, Billboards, Business signs, clock faces, Satellite dishes, Antenna setups, Flag posts and roof top ventilation units which come in a number of size and color options. Blank walls and loose window and doors are provided to allow you to design your own wall arrangements. Stairs, Columns, the wealth of floor options, and blank interior walls are available for you make interior layouts as you wish. In total, over 500 pages of material, including over 100 pages of props and decorations are provided to outfit your buildings.