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Stoelezel's Structures releases Pullman's Diner

Stoelzel's Structures adds to their terrain line with their new downloadable Pullman's Diner piece.

From the release:

“Word of advice, bring your own silverware”

The Pullman’s diner is a quaint dining car style café, an old little greasy spoon at the edge of town. It is situated next to the old abandoned railway depot, which for decades had sat as an eyesore to the locals. When James Castleman moved into town, he, or more likely his wife, saw great potential in the rusty railway relics that sat in the depot. After purchasing a number of the aging monuments, the Pullman’s Diner was built. While designed back in the late 50s, the cafe has a slight nod to an earlier deco period, with its clear machine age look from it use of retired train cars, and heavily metallic exterior.

The Pullman’s diner quickly become a local curiosity and achieved a modest success, but then, five years later, when the new highway was opened up, everything exploded. The diner was an instant favorite among truckers basing the community. Sadly, thirty years later, James passed away, his children had no interest in the restaurant, and his wife was quickly finding herself struggling to keep up. The diner closed down several years ago, and is now on the market for some new entrepreneur to try his hand in the restaurant business.

The Pullman’s diner comes with a number of alternate colors, and optional walls allowing for an additional dining car to be easily added to the right side, expanding the diner another 3 inches out. Like all Stoelzel’s Structures, our buildings, and in this case vehicles are fully textured on the inside, and designed for interior accessibility for game play, and as always, our units come fully furnished.

Width: 11 (or 14) inches Depth: 10 Inches Height: 5.5 inches

“One Star. If I could give this less, I would!”