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Stoelezel's Structures releases 3rd expansion to their Modular Evil Lair

Stoelzel's Structure has had their minions busy building a new wing on their Modular Evil Lair. The 3rd section is now available.


From the post:

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 - LAUNCH CODES ARE… GO!

Our resident evil genius has been mad at work developing an arsenal of doomsday weapons to carry out his plan for world domination. Being that he is a diehard fan of spy fiction he knows full well not to put all his eggs in one basket.

This third expansion to our Modular Evil Lair series brings missile silos to the table. Both encased underground tube style silos, and missile launch sites designed for large expansive underground locations, complete with customizable gantry systems. Each is designed to stand up to four floors high (ten inches). This set also comes with a number of industrial platforms, ramps and walkways to design some complicated catwalks coming off the gantry system and opening the possibility of multi-floor combat options. Don’t want to build an underground lair? No problem, our platforms and walkways are perfect for an above ground industrial setting as well.

Given the increased vertical scale of our weapons and focus, we thought it fitting to provide larger and taller wall sections to build truly impressive open and expansive areas within your lair. These 4 inch high wall sections are designed to be free standing, independent of the floor sections, and can be rearranged from mission to mission to offer limitless possibilities to you gaming layout.

Like all Stoelzel’s Structures, this set comes furnished. We provide you with new meeting tables for the gathering of evil minds, and large shark tanks to intimidate the minion and want-a-be heroes. This set also includes large missiles, warheads, a pulp-y space rocket, a doomsday robot, and a crawler just to make sure your little evil genius is properly armed.