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Steve Jackson Games Releases Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition

Munchkin is one of those games that I think it's safe to say that most of us have played at some point. I know I have, actually playing a whole bunch of the different versions. It's those different versions that make the game rather fun. Well, a new version is out, of sorts, that you can only get at Target. It's the Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition.

From the announcement:

The art in a new superhero-themed Munchkin game comes from the pencil of award-winning comics illustrator and writer Art Baltazar.
Fans of comics may know Baltazar for his independent work on The Big Amoeba and Patrick the Wolf Boy, and for his work on DC’s Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! and Tiny Titans, for which he won a prestigious Eisner Award in 2011.

Players in Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition are superheroes fighting the expertly drawn Slobbering Alien Horde, Office Supplies Man, The Fandom Menace, or Misunderstood Man. They get help from gear like their Heroic Angst, a Plot Device, or even a Continuity Error.

“Playing this game made me feel like a superhero,” said Steve Jackson Games’ Community Manager Hunter Shelburne. “I can’t actually fly yet, but I’m confident that if I play it a few more times, that will come.”

The release is available exclusively at Target and is part of our Guest Artist Edition line of Munchkin games. Steve Jackson Games is publishing these limited print run games to celebrate 15 years since the original game’s 2001 release.

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