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Steve Jackson Games Releases Munchkin Treasure Hunt

I have a lot of friends with young kids (or soon to have young kids, in a couple cases). They're always looking for new games that they can play with their kids. Let's face it, Risk with a 6 year old probably isn't going to go too well. Well, Steve Jackson Games is here to help. They've released Munchkin Treasure Hunt, which is suitable for gamers age 6+.

The game is sort of a primer and more-kid-friendly version of Munchkin (not that Munchkin is horridly morbid or anything, but Treasure Hunt helps out even more). The object is to go into the dragon's cave and grab all the treasure you can. Of course, the dragon doesn't exactly like you taking their stuff, so you'll have to be careful.

You can pick up your copy now from your LGS or the Steve Jackson Games webshop.