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Steve Jackson Games Posts Gen Con Plans

Man, we're just a couple weeks away from Gen Con. This show is going to be off the hook, being sold out as it is. Companies are posting up what they'll be having at the show so you can get your shopping lists together (and lining up a ninja shopper, if necessary). If you're wondering what Steve Jackson Games will have with them, you're in luck. They're letting you know in this post.

From the announcement:

Gen Con is almost upon us - our grandest show of the year! It's always a huge convention, but this year is Gen Con's 50th anniversary, so it's bigger than ever, and selling out fast. With all the hubbub, Steve Jackson Games must be bringing some pretty cool stuff to the show, right? Of course we are! Whether you're looking for early releases, sneak peeks, or just generally awesome loot, booth 1413 (and our organized-play area in Hall E) is the place for you!