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Steve Jackson Games Is Hiring

I know it's the dream of a lot of you to get involved in the industry-side of gaming. Well, I'm not going to lie. It's not all roses and daffodils. There's actual, real work to do. It's a business much like every other business out there. Though... having all these toys on my desk and such is pretty cool. Anyway, if you'd like to get involved, Steve Jackson Games his looking to add three new people to their team.

The three spots are for a Webmaster, a Marketing Designer, and a Copywriter. The Webmaster is there to be in charge of maintaining all of the various websites that Steve Jackson Games has (and when you start looking into it, there's quite a few). The Marketing Designer will be making all the various marketing material, including web images, videos, and presentations. Finally, the Copywriter will be in charge of making all the ad copy for the company (and then sending it to me :P ).