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Steve Jackson Games Bringing Back The Fantasy Trip

Steve Jackson Games has been making games for quite some time, longer than many of us have been gaming, or even really been alive. The Fantasy Trip was originally published back in the 70s, and so it's been somewhat hard to find in this new, renaissance era of gaming. Well, it's making a comeback. This July 23rd, SJG will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get the game back on shelves.

From the announcement:

The wait is over . . . so the adventure can begin.

On July 23, Steve Jackson’s The Fantasy Trip launches on Kickstarter after a decades-long wait. The game was originally published in the 1970s to be an accessible and easy-to-use alternative to the more complex RPGs of the day. But Steve Jackson lost the rights to his creation.

He regained the rights last year, and now The Fantasy Trip is coming to Kickstarter so players everywhere can show their support!

The Kickstarter will provide backers with the first two The Fantasy Trip creations: Melee and Wizard, the original microgames of hand-to-hand combat and magic. These will be priced at $14.95 each. Each will include a rulebook, map sheet, and flat counters in a fully modern presentation. Most rules will remain as originally published, though there may be some small changes.

The Fantasy Trip content to which Steve Jackson now has the rights includes:

• Melee, the original streamlined game of hand-to-hand combat
• Wizard, the game of magic and magic-users
• In the Labyrinth, the roleplaying system
• Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard
• Death Test, Death Test 2, and Tollenkar’s Lair, three scenarios

Art for the newly published The Fantasy Trip projects will be brand new, some by the original artists!