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Steve Jackson Games Announces Munchkin Oz

Munchkin. The popular card game by Steve Jackson Games has quite a lot of iterations to it. From the classic version, to all those expansions, to versions in space, with fairies, with pirates, and based on several popular other media. Well, a new one was announced. Munchkin Oz takes the game over the rainbow and onto the yellow brick road.

The game is much like other Munchkin sets (and is compatible with the others, I believe). It has been created with the usual Munchkin oddities. I guess there will be Munchkins in Munchkin Oz. It seems only fitting. The art was done by John Kovalic (as are most Muchkin sets). Currently, Munchkin Oz will only be available at Target stores at on the Target website. The previous Target exclusive, Munchkin Legends, did get a general release a year later. No word yet on if that will happen here.