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Steve Jackson Games Announces Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games has announced that they'll be running a Kickstarter for Car Wars Arenas that will start at the end of the month. The set gives you new locations to have your Car Wars battles, printed in Cars Wars Classic scale. The campaign will start on the 31st of the month.

From the website:

Kickstarter Launches March 31, 2015
To Be The Best . . .

You've got to beat the best. And that means taking to the many different autoduelling arenas across the Car Wars world and testing yourself under all kinds of conditions.

Car Wars Classic Arenas gives hardcore autoduellists more exciting locations to showcase their skills and blow away their opponents. The boxed set contains five one-sided 22" x 34" arena maps – printed for the first time in full Car Wars Classic scale – and a booklet detailing the special features of each arena. The rules will also cover revised versions of popular variants like corporate team duelling, an AADA pro circuit, and more.

The arena designs have appeared in various Car Wars supplements (including the Car Wars Arena Book and The AADA Duel Circuit: L'Outrance), but only as scaled-down maps. In this set, they'll come out of the box ready to play in full Car Wars Classic scale.
Pledge Levels

$20 - Duellist
One copy of Car Wars Arenas.

$40 - Ace
One copy of Car Wars Arenas plus one copy of Car Wars Classic.

$250 - Corporate Sponsor
One copy each of Car Wars Arenas and Car Wars Classic, plus naming rights to one arena.
Retailer Pledge Levels

$60 - Retailer
Six copies of Car Wars Arenas.

$120 - Retailer Doubleshot
Six copies of Car Wars Arenas plus six copies of Car Wars Classic.