Steve Barber Models release first 10mm Caesarean Romans

Steve Barber Models have released the first packs in their new range of 10mm Caesarean Romans.

10mm Caesarean Romans
10mm Caesarean Romans

From their announcement:

CAE1 Legionaries x 20 = £3.00
CAE2 Legionary command x 16 = £3.00

Just 2 packs to start with, but there should be more releases next year. These figures will also make great marines for our Roman Naval range as well as armies for Caesars conquests and the Roman Civil wars. Our Parthians, Numidians and early Germans can also be used as allies or enemies for this range.

After Christmas there will be a few new releases for our 28mm Russian Napoleonic range.

Unfortunately from the 1st of January due to the huge rises in the raw materials for some of our products we will have no choice but to increase the price on some products. We however will strive to keep prices as low as possible.

Next year we will be releasing lots more interesting and diverse products, as well as additions to as many of our ranges as possible. I would like to thank all of our Customers for their continued support, and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,
Steve Barber.