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Steve Barber Models posts up new releases for December

Steve Barber Models released their next round of minis over on their website.


From the release:

New Releases for December.
28mm American Civil War
ACW58 Texas infantry (6 figures) £6.75
ACW59 Texas infantry command (6 figures) £6.75
CWU20 Texas regiment pack (24 figures) £26.75

28mm Napoleonic Saxon 1810 -1813 - £1.10 each (unless indicated otherwise)
NS11 Light infantryman marching musket at trail
NS12 Light infantryman marching slung musket
NS13 Light infantry marching officer
NS14 Light infantry marching cornet
NS15 Light infantry drummer
NS16 Light infantry standing firing
NS17 Light infantry kneeling reaching for cartridge
NS18 Light infantry laying firing
NS19 Light infantry kneeling cornet
NS20 Light infantry skirmishing at trail
NS21 Light infantry determined advance
NS22 Light infantry casualty
NS23 Jager standing loading
NS24 Jager kneeling horn player
NS25 Mounted Light infantry officer £2.85
NS26 Heap of back packs for line or light £2.50
NS27 Light infantry officer skirmishing