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Steve Barber 28mm American Civil War artillery

Steve Barber Models have released new 28mm American Civil War artillery models. ACW Artillery From their announcement:
This month the Artillery for our range of 28mm American Civil War is now ready. The Gun packs have carriage and wheels plus a choice of 2 gun barrels as well as the bucket that hangs under the front of the carriage plus a length of chain to complete the model. The artillery men are mostly in our multi part system so a wide range of firing crews are possible. Loading crews will be available later in the year.
  • ACWA1 1 x Canon (with 2 different 12pdr Napoleon barrels) £6.60
  • ACWA2 1 x Canon (with 3 inch rifle and 10pdr Parrott rifle barrels) £6.60
  • ACWA3 1 x Canon (12pdr Howitzer and 6pdr cannon barrels) £6.60
  • ACWA4 1 x Canon (14pdr type 3 James rifle and Sawyer rifle barrels) £6.60
  • ACWA5 1 x Canon (24pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott rifle barrels) £6.60
  • ACWA6 Union firing crew (5 figures including a sergeant, plus extra gun equipment) £6.60
  • ACWA7 Confederate firing crew (5 figures including a sergeant plus extra gun equipment) £6.60
As well as working on these, I have been busily sculpting away making other things. There will be other packs available for the 28mm ACW range in the near future. The Zouaves are almost ready for release as well.