Steel Fist Miniatures creating Samurai Lords

Steel Fist Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign running in order to fund 8 Samurai Lords miniatures representing some of those present at the battle of Sekigahara.


From the campaign:

This project is aimed at recreating in 30mm metal figurines 8 of the major samurai lords who commanded at the battle of Sekigahara.

Sekigahara was possibly the most decisive battle of the samurai, filled with colourful characters, each with a unique suit of armour and story.

Steel fist miniatures aims to capture the flavor of this time in history by releasing a set of 30mm from foot to eye miniatures that depict some of the most famous generals or daimyo as the Japanese called them.

Each one will be meticulously researched and rendered into miniature, compleate with their unique standards and attendants. Most daimyo carried two standards a greater and a lesser standard. Each figure will be entirely new, as some of the figures are already available via the steel fist web store.

Once these new minis are available the old sets on the web store will be withdrawn from production.

Steel fist miniature is also growing an extensive line of samurai miniatures that will compliment your daimyo, all thoroughly researched and showcasing the wild and unique armour styles of japan. They can be seen a

The daimyo of the east will be:

Tokugawa ieyasu, the famous winner and future shogun. A man of intelligence and great patience.

Honda tadakatsu, mounted a loyal retainer of the Tokugawa, recklessly brave a survivor of over 100 battles in which he did not recieve one wound.

Ii Naomasa, mounted, a famous brave daimyo who’s clan wore blood red armour, he opened the battle, in contrast to Tadakatsu he regularly received wounds, at sekigahara he received his last one… I have depicted him on an armoured horse. Although some say horse armour was not used until the edo perio, I have a number of Japanese books that contest this. So considering he was a flamboyant character I have given him an elaborate dragon themed horse armour.

Fukishima Masanori. Mounted A fiery tempered daimyo, who’s wore a helmet with huge horns.

The daimyo of the west will be:

Ishida mitsunari, mounted the overall commander of the western force, a man of intrigue and suspicion. Which in the end cost him the battle.

Otani Yoshitsugu, a intelligent and skilled commander, also a leper and had to be carried to the battle. He held the left flank.

Mori Hidemoto a young but experienced commander, representing the hugely wealthy mori clan. Who waited on the hills of the left flank.

Shimazu Yoshihiro, an old proud veteran of the Korean War. who held the right flank. A skilled tactician who would often use a feigned retreat to defeat much larger clans.

You will also have opportunity through the different perks to buy their armies to go with them at a discounted price.

More pictures will regularly be added including progress reports and concept art

Accompanying figures such as those included in clan perks will be randomly selected from the growing steel fist miniatures samurai range.

If successful the other famous commanders of the battle will be unlocked as stretches