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Steel Crown Productions releases Royal Empire Marcovian Large Behemoth

Steel Crown Productions releases their new Royal Empire Marcovian Large Behemoth for Exodus Wars.

From the release:

I'm introducing the Royal Empire Marcovian Large Behemoth. It's the biggest model we've made to date for the Exodus Wars and we are pretty proud of it :).

The Royal Empire Marcovian Large Behemoth is a modular walker containing 29 components, including five major weapons, 3 secondary weapons, 2 shield generators, 2 heat sinks, 2 search lights and a plethora of optional armoured plates.

The Behemoth weighs in at about a third of a kilo and is entirely made of metal so when it hits the table your opponent will appreciate the thud it makes.

It stands at a mighty 75mm tall from it's feet to the top of it's chassis. Add a few weapons to the top and it's even taller.

The Behemoth has been designed with a modular approach in mind so whilst it comes with a megaton of weapons, you can easily purchase additional weapons from our online store or even use any of the Guild tank weapons. As usual, we use the same modular socket across our entire range, so you can use the the Guild Exterminator turret or even use the Guild Cerberus MFRL turret on the hull. The most exciting consequence for me is that all the sponson turrets can now be used to on the Behemoth to represent AP defence turrets or even just access hatches.