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Steel Crown Productions releases 28mm Royal Empire Conscripts

Steel Crown Productions previews their Exodus Wars 28mm Royal Empire Conscripts:

From their announcement:

We’ve an extensive range in 6mm and have now started to create our miniatures in 28mm as well, the models are accompanied by a game system featuring competing bands of mercenaries. Our first squad is based around humans, in particular the Royal Empire of Man. We are releasing each model as a component for £2.95 (reduced to £1.95 for until January the 31st) or as a squad for £14.95 (reduced to £12.95 until January the 31st).

We offer global free shipping on any orders over £15.

The direct link is:

Our future releases will be much more diverse with the following models coming up.

• Tarragin: A range of huge aliens who are in some cases double the height of the standard human ranging from 8-12ft tall.
• Guild Prefects: A multispecies police force dedicated to protecting the corporations in the Guild.
• Khazari: An alien race of technopaths, somewhat shorter than the average human.
• Royal Empire Paladins: Robed warrior monks who fight as a living example of the supremacy of man.
• Guild Shadow Knights: A multispecies group of assassins, bounty hunters and mercenaries. A product of the Barodyne Institute.

Our release schedule includes 17 squads in the final range and we will be releasing two factions per quarter.