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Steampunk Zara Craft, Relic Hunter available from Guild of Harmony

Guild of Harmony gives us another model from their steampunk line with Zara Craft, Relic Hunter.

From the release:

Steampunk 'Zara Craft' is the next limited edition resin release for the Guild of Harmony 32mm steampunk range:

"A wayward daughter of the aristocratic 'Craft' family, Zara satisfies her rebellious desire for adventure by seeking out forgotten artefacts in the eldritch crypts and ancient, labyrinthine tunnel systems beneath the bustling streets of New London. Known for her agility and athleticism, alongside deadly proficiency with her dual pistols, Zara is more than capable of holding her own when a situation turns sour."

Now available from the Guild of Harmony store as a resin edition strictly limited to 350 copies.