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Steampunk Shenanigans Coming Soon in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 76

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has started taking pre-orders for their next issue. Their cover game is In Her Majesty's Name, and they've got articles like a look at an expansion, a Jack-the-Ripper manhunt scenario, and a look at what the Boxer Rebellion might've been like with steampunk-style weaponry.

Further content comes from Richard Clarke writing about fitting battles together into a campaign. There's also quite a lot of reviews of both several historical games and various minis. Pre-order from Karwansaray Publishers and get a discount.


From the website:

Articles in this issue include a new alien expansion for In Her Majesty's Name, a Jack the Ripper-style manhunt, and a version of the Boxer Rebellion with decidedly higher-tech weaponry.

If the infectious enthusiasm of our Steampunk authors does not convince, there's plenty more as well. Two of our columnists are feeling retrospective this time of year. Rick Priestley reminisces about Romans, while Martin Onderdonck is wistful for Warhammer. Richard Clarke, on the other hand, looks at providing context for battles in the form of campaigns.

There is a rearguard Horse and Musket-era scenario, Blow the Bridge, scenarios inspired by Fury, a look at playing Cossacks, a Crescent and Cross campaign, and how-to articles for painting a 15mm Tercio, and building nothing less than a submarine conning tower!

Finally, there's an in-depth look at DBA3, as well as reviews of Across a Deadly Field, The Law of the Gun, Lion Rampant, and stacks more miniatures and books.

WSS 76 can be pre-ordered at a discount from Karwansaray Publishers, and will be in stores in the U.K. and selected stores throughout Europe from the new year.