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Steamforged Taking Orders For Erskirii Wolves Guild Ball Team

In Guild Ball, teams are made up of players from all over the world. But, like the Olympics, they occasionally band together nationally for a competition. That's what the World Cup is for. Well, Steamforged is bringing together the Erskirii Wolves, a team made up of players from Erskirad, and offering them as a team full of alternate-sculpt minis. They're only available to order for a short time, so get in your orders now.

From the announcement:

From the 19th June to the 19th July we're hosting an SFG Homeland Cup Event for you to follow along with at home on SFG Live (available on YouTube and Twitch).

The Round One pairings are:

Ethraynne vs Skald
Maldriven vs Eisnor
Figo vs Erskirad (Home Nation)
Castellya vs Valentia

To celebrate this event we are releasing the Home Nation of Erskirad as a Limited Edition pre-coloured Resin Team that will only be available to purchase during the Homeland Cup.

These players can be used as alternative models for their respective Guilds, or as a Erskirad Team in the Homeland Cup Format. But wait...there's more! Models will also come with limited edition cards!!