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Steamforged Taking Gen Con Pre-Orders For LE Minis

Good lord... Gen Con's just a couple weeks away.
I... only have about 900 billion things left to do before the show. But it's fine. Everything's fine. This is fine. Included on that list is get in my pre-order for the LE minis coming from Steamforged. You can put your order in now and even get Gen Con pick-up to save on shipping.

From the announcement:

A special GenCon release, this wonderful woman is Minerva, Princess of Falcons. A founding member of the Guild Baller’s League and ambassador of the Empire of the Free Cities, this Nocturnal Hunter will be a welcome addition to any Falconer side, or your party of heroes in a roleplay adventure.

Beautiful as Brisket, wise as Obulus, stronger than Boar, and swifter than Mist or for those Critters out there graceful as an Elf, cunning as a Goblin, strong as an Ogre, and the Vitality of a Dwarf, don’t miss your opportunity to add Minerva to your collection today!


UPDATE: Available now for pre-order online for shipping worldwide. Gen Con pickup available to US customers too! Just select it as an option at checkout.