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Steamforged Previews Windfinder For The Navigator's Guild

Every ship needs a captain. Same can be said for a Guild Ball team. In this case, the two are the same person. Windfinder is the Navigator's Guild captain both aboard the ship and on the pitch. The captain also tends to define how the team works. So, how do the Navigators work? Let's take a look.

From the post:

Sooooo there's some real cool stuff on here. Let's go through it. First off, Windfinder has a 1" melee zone. That cutlass isn't particularly long, but she's pretty damn skilled at getting the most out of it, as we'll see. Her statline is solid, with a 6"/8" MOV, a TAC of 5 with all the rerolls forever, a 2/8" KICK (REROLLS), a DEF of 5+ and finally INF 4/6. So obviously, her two slightly below average stats for a captain, her KICK and TAC, are more than made up for by Precise Calculations.

Her Playbook is another example of a classic Navigators Playbook, with almost all of the momentous results concentrated on the top end. However, her tackle on 1 hit is suuuper reliable, as is her momentous dodge on column 2. Column 3 brings a double dodge and a GB symbol, which we'll discuss in a second when we look at her Character Plays, column 4 has momentous 2 damage, and column 5 has a momentous tackle double dodge. You might think you're seeing a lot of tackle dodges/double dodges in Navigators, and you'd be right! One aspect of the Guild is that we wanted them to be hyper mobile, with different options to the Fish, and so their top end Playbook results have a lot of ability to strip the ball from enemy players and get out of dodge.