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Steamforged Previews Veteran Honour and New Box

The last of the Exiles is Veteran Honour. While not part of the Union in Chains storyline specifically, she was on the losing side of a bit of a coup within the Mason's Guild which led to her leg being hurt and her moving on to become coach of the Farmer's Guild. We get a look at her upcoming Guild Ball card here.
Also, not every team got an Exile figure. But those teams aren't going to just be left behind. There's a preview up of a new box set that contains figures for the teams that didn't end up with something new. Though, at the moment, we've just got the picture and little else.

From the post:

This is the very last blog in the six week run of the New Alliances box. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can go read over the previous blog posts here. However, we have one very special model left to reveal. The concept was brought up at SteamCon last year, and we’ve had a great time taking the concept from the Design a Model seminar and turning it into an actual model to play on the Guild Ball pitch. It’s Veteran Honour, defying the Physician’s Guild to limp back onto the Pitch with the new team and a new determination.