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Steamforged Previews Veteran Hemlocke For Guild Ball

The next in the list of figures from the Exiles set, the end result of the Union in Chains event, is Veteran Hemlocke. She was originally being fought over by the Hunters and the Morticians, but that changed when Veteran Minx came on the scene. As such, Hemlocke is trading in for all-goth gear and going with the dead-lovers. We get a look at her new card here.

From the post:

This week we’re going to be venturing to darker, even less hospitable places than the Hunters dare tread. Restless spirits, come ye hither and quiet your endless journeys a time. The Soul Seer approaches, her sickle dripping with the gore of the yet living, her spirit a vortex drawing the most powerful of souls to her. Hearken now, and listen of her power, afore the final death takes ye…