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Steamforged Previews Veteran Fangtooth For Guild Ball

During the Union in Chains event for Guild Ball, just about every Union member was accounted for... just about. One that seemed to slip off the radar was Fangtooth. Whatever happened to him? Well, it seems that the Solthecian church found him, gave him a bath (or probably several), and has outfitted him with some new armor and weapons. The big guy's making his way back to the pitch, and you can check out his rules in this preview.

From the post:

his week we’re gonna be examining his newest, most reluctant teammate. Fangtooth was known as The Monster in his previous life, as a brutal thug for the Union. However, with the Union’s fall, and the Order’s ascension, Fangtooth was captured by the Solthecian Church and, err, ‘purified’. He got tortured a lot. It was awful. But out of the other side comes a Fangtooth consecrated and righteous, brimming with religious fervour, and somehow even more unhinged than he’s always been.