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Steamforged Previews Veteran Cinder For Guild Ball

The Blacksmith's Guild is unlike any other Guild in Guild Ball. They don't have a dedicated Captain. They don't have mascots. It's just pairs of Masters and Apprentices. But even with time, not all Apprentices become Masters immediately. Some have to work at it. In this case, we get a look at Veteran Cinder, who is still an Apprentice in the Guild.

From the post:

So first off, Cinder's obviously gone through some stuff. We won't spoil the story reasons for her shaved head and Flame of Vengeance title, but uh, yeah. Sherwin will no doubt let you guys know exactly what happened Soon™, but for now, let's just look at Cinder's abilities. She's gained a 2" melee zone, since that spear is pretty big and also totally badass. Her statline is also very solid, she's gained a point of TAC and DEF over her original version, but lost 2" of KICK distance since she's now focused less on playing the ball and more on, uh, stabbing people with that burning spear of hers. However, a 3/6" KICK is nothing to sneeze at, allowing her to pass the ball around pretty accurately. She's also still pretty fast at 6"/8" MOV, which enables some more play with the ball too.