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Steamforged Previews Veteran Calculus For Guild Ball

When I say, "I had calculus back in college" I don't mean, y'know... Anyway, Calculus is one of the minis in the upcoming Faithful box for Guild Ball. How has she changed from her original form? Well, check her out, along with a render of her new mini.

From the post:

So, pretty simple card, this. Calculus has maintained her 1” melee zone, and most of her stats from her original version. She has gained a TAC though, and 2” of KICK range, which gives her a 16” Sprint and Shoot distance, which pushes her into ‘off-striker’ territory. TAC 5 is also that break point at which she can reliably hit her first column against just about any model in the game. It’s also worth pointing out she’s kept her DEF/ARM stats of 4+/1, which is a very solid defensive statline to have.