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Steamforged Previews Valentine's Minis For Guild Ball

I love alternate sculpts for minis. Steamforged does, too. They've been coming out with holiday-themed alternate models for a while now, and this Valentine's Day will be no different. If any Guild would be best for Valentine's, it might as well be the one most associated with the color red. And they've probably had someone's heart in their hands at some point... literally. It's the Butcher's Guild.

From the post:

We teased the outlines of these upcoming models recently, and you may be thinking What's Love Got to Do With It? Well dear reader, these models are our February Limited Edition Models, and we all know that during February this Crazy Little Thing Called Love gets it's own special day and Because I Love You I've packed as many Silly Love Songs into this blog post as possible.

Love is in the Air in the Butcher's Guild as Boiler has plucked up the courage to present Brisket with a bouquet of roses and has been rewarded with a kiss on the cheek, whilst Princess is experiencing Puppy Love with the Guild Ball.

Time after Time The Empire of the Free Cities can appear a bit doom & gloom but The Power of Love shines through and even on the bloodiest of teams a Love Story can appear.

If you're thinking "Hmm, you're the one that I want" then don't worry this pack of alternate sculpts will be available in time for February 14th.