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Steamforged Previews Team Construction For Blacksmith's Guild

The Blacksmith's Guild is an interesting group, to say the least. Steamforged is slowly showing off this new Guild Ball team, teasing us along as they go. This time around, we get a look at team building. Here's a place where the Blacksmiths break a couple rules. 1st: no mascot. 2nd: no captain (in the traditional sense). 3rd: the team is made up of 1/2 Masters and 1/2 Apprentices.

From the post:

Here at Steamforged it’s been amazing watching the forum & social media reactions to our articles on the the Blacksmith’s Guild. If you missed those articles you can find them here (Anvil - Sledge) Today is another big one, it’s time to talk about some of the unique rules that govern how you construct a Blacksmith team, AND you get to find out who the Captains are! We will also be looking at the blacked-out sections of the Anvil’s card. So much to see!