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Steamforged Previews Season 4 Guild Ball

A couple years ago, I had a whole thing about a "year of new editions" as various games were getting updates. I really should've been doing that this year, too. X-Wing, Pathfinder, Age of Sigmar all got new editions, just to name a few. Another game that's upping the edition number this year is Guild Ball. It's coming this fall, and seeing as it's so soon, Steamforged has posted up their first preview of what we can expect.

From the post:

Did you notice that? No? It was a pretty big moment. We just stepped onto the road to Guild Ball Season 4, and there’s a lot to talk about while we travel. For anyone that remembers the weeks leading up to the release of Season 3, the run up to a new Season is a pretty awesome time to be a Guild Ball fan. Over the next few months we’ll be giving you regular sneak peeks into what’s coming with the new Season, including showing off core rules and organised play changes, as well as a selection of updated character cards. All of this leads up to the final reveal of Season 4 at SteamCon USA in October.